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Merge #12709: [wallet] shuffle sendmany recipients ordering

Authored by nakihito on Aug 16 2019, 23:43.



6acb02d635 add release note for sendmany output shuffling (Gregory Sanders)
cf6ef3c139 shuffle sendmany recipients ordering to shuffle tx outputs (Gregory Sanders)

Pull request description:

Unless there is something important I'm missing, we're just possible leaking information by preserving whatever ordering json object ordering is giving us (no guarantees at all).

This is unneeded for `sendtoaddress` since there is only 1 or 2 outputs, and the change output is shuffled in.

This will not effect `*raw` behavior by design, since users generally want full control using those apis. Further PRs could add optional args to over-ride that behavior.

Alternative ideas would be to sort the outputs by some deterministic ordering. (this would require more refactoring since change outputs are created and handled by caller)


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