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Merge #11818: I accidentally [deliberately] killed it [the ComparisonTestFramework]

Authored by jasonbcox on Thu, Sep 5, 15:41.



9c92c8c827 [tests] Remove Comparison Test Framework (John Newbery)
e80c640d78 [tests] Remove (John Newbery)

Pull request description:

Builds on #11772, #11773 and #11817. Please review those PRs first.

Final step in #10603.

- First commit removes was intended to be a generic test for versionbits deployments. However, it only tests CSV activation and was not updated to test segwit activation. CSV activation is tested by, so this test is duplicated effort. Rather than try to update it to use the BitcoinTestFramework, just remove it. (see for previous discussion around the redundancy of
- Second commit removes the now unused BitcoinComparisonFramework class and the comptool and blockstore modules.

Tree-SHA512: 4bb7196d521048b3b8ba95c87dde73005a1ac73d29ccbb869f11ce9a71089686e7eacd7335337853041dfbd3a5b110172b105adbada58779814d4db22b1376f5

Backport of Core PR11818

Completes T669

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rABC Bitcoin ABC
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