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Merge #13043: [qt] OptionsDialog: add prune setting

Authored by nakihito on Oct 20 2019, 21:58.



cbede7dbfde83d53ef38d257e9940af5f163b03c [qt] OptionsDialog: add prune setting (Sjors Provoost)

Pull request description:

The default suggested value is 2 GB. Minimum is 1 GB (550 MB rounded up).

When the user toggles this setting, a strong warning appears that undoing requires re-downloading the chain:

<img width="478" alt="schermafbeelding 2018-05-15 om 12 35 24" src="">

Tooltip points out that actual disk usage can be higher. It's a bit vague on the "advanced features", because I'm assuming anyone who needs to use `-rescan` and `-txindex` will read the documentation, and a more detailed text would needlessly confuse everyone else.

<img width="450" alt="schermafbeelding 2018-05-15 om 12 33 51" src="">

The UI uses gigabytes for readability and easy of use. There is also no manual pruning UI (`prune=1`). The user will have to use `bitcoin.conf` for those things.

Fixes #6461. When combined with #13029 the user, after pruning their node, can safely reset settings and/or use bitcoind without having to edit `bitcoin.conf`. However I don't think that's an essential prerequisite.

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