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Seeder filters nodes by chainparams
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Authored by nakihito on Thu, Nov 14, 04:39.


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Seeder does not currently distiguish between whether or not a node is
following the correct chain or not. This is a step in that direction by
making the seeder filter out nodes that are not following the correct
chain. To do this, this patch allows the seeder to send GETHEADER
messages thereby activating code introduces earlier.

Depends on D4439

Test Plan

Hard code testnet_seeds in seeder/main.cpp to the following: static const std::string testnet_seeds[] = {"localhost", ""};

make check
./bitcoind --printtoconsole --testnet -whitelist= -listen=1 -connect=0 -debug=net -datadir=<New data dir>
./bitcoin-seeder -h localhost -n -p 8888 -m --testnet -wipeban -wipeignore

The seeder should attempt to connect to the localhost node. The node
should then be banned because its chain is not up to date and it replied
with an empty header message.

./bitcoind --printtoconsole --testnet -whitelist= -listen=1 -connect=0 -debug=net
./bitcoin-seeder -h localhost -n -p 8888 -m --testnet -wipeban -wipeignore

The seeder should attempt to connect to the localhost node. The node
should reply with a non-empty headers message and then continue to
receive an addr message from the seeder. It should then start
connecting to various other addresses received from the seeder.
Repeat the above for a node that is partially sync'd (but not all the way to the most recent checkpoint).

Diff Detail

rABC Bitcoin ABC
Lint OK
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I don't see any filtering going on anywhere is that patch.

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Function is called RequestChainPrams, doesn't request chain params.

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You wouldn't have to do this is you actually used the chain params.

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What does this do?

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Updated release notes, rebased, and renamed some functions.

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This is the time out for the socket connection.

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