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Added best block hash to the NotifyHeaderTip and NotifyBlockTip signals.

Authored by PiRK on Mon, Feb 22, 14:44.



PR description


The height based polling in the GUI is an issue on chain reorgs. Any new tip signal with the same height as the one that it's cached in the model was not triggering the GUI update (interpreting it as the same same block when it could receive a different one). Ending up with bad information presented in the GUI.

This PR essentially changes the last cached height to be a last cached block hash.

[ClientModel] best header/block hash cached.

qt: lock cs_main, m_cached_tip_mutex in that order

Always lock the mutexes cs_main and m_cached_tip_mutex in
the same order: cs_main, m_cached_tip_mutex. Otherwise we may end up
in a deadlock.

ClientModel::m_cached_tip_blocks is protected by
ClientModel::m_cached_tip_mutex. There are two access paths that
lock the two mutexes in opposite order:

validation.cpp:2868 CChainState::ActivateBestChain(): lock cs_main
validation.cpp:2916 CChainState::ActivateBestChain(): call uiInterface.NotifyBlockTip()
ui_interface.cpp:52 CClientUIInterface::NotifyBlockTip(): go deep in boost
qt/clientmodel.cpp:255 BlockTipChanged(): lock m_cached_tip_mutex


qt/clientmodel.cpp:119 ClientModel::getBestBlockHash(): lock m_cached_tip_mutex
qt/clientmodel.cpp:121 ClientModel::getBestBlockHash(): call m_node.getBestBlockHash()
interfaces/node.cpp:200 NodeImpl::getBestBlockHash(): lock cs_main

From debug.log:

Previous lock order was:
 m_cs_chainstate validation.cpp:2851
 (1) cs_main validation.cpp:2868
 ::mempool.cs validation.cpp:2868
 (2) clientmodel->m_cached_tip_mutex qt/clientmodel.cpp:255
Current lock order is:
 (2) m_cached_tip_mutex qt/clientmodel.cpp:119
 (1) ::cs_main interfaces/node.cpp:200

The possible deadlock was introduced in

This is a backport of Core PR17993 [1/2] and PR19132

Test Plan

ninja && src/qt/bitcoin-qt
Send a transaction, wait for a few block and check that the tx status is correctly updated in the interface.

Diff Detail

rABC Bitcoin ABC
Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable.
Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.

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this is from PR10449, remove pls

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now you reverted PR19132's changes completely

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now you reverted PR19132's changes completely

OK I see what happened. Branch pr19132 was initially on top of pr17993, but ended up on a separate branch altogether when I rebased to squash the commits, yesterday. And today I amended a commit on outdated branch pr17993 instead of branch pr19132. Will fix this.

Good catch.

fix accidental revert of core#19132

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