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Replace direct calls of Params() with Config.GetChainParams()
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Direct calls to Params() should be replaced with config.GetChainParams() where appropriate.

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jasonbcox created this task.Jan 19 2018, 20:04

@jasonbcox, should I also try to remove the following functions from DstEncode.h:

// Temporary workaround. Don't rely on global state, pass all parameters in new
// code.

std::string EncodeDestination(const CTxDestination &);
CTxDestination DecodeDestination(const std::string &addr);
bool IsValidDestinationString(const std::string &addr);

BTW: EncodeDestination requires Config, because of support of new bitcoincash address support (config.UseCashAddrEncoding()).

schancel updated the task description. (Show Details)Feb 16 2018, 05:47
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