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Update developer notes and link to it from contributing docs

Authored by schancel on Apr 19 2018, 03:27.

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Add class doxygen comment in example.

jasonbcox requested changes to this revision.Apr 19 2018, 16:34
jasonbcox added inline comments.
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Curly braces should be on the same line as the definition. Same goes for lines below this one.

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Rather than what this code does, perhaps "Comment summarizing the intended purpose of this section of code". Unless the code is particularly difficult to parse, describing what it does is a bit redundant. The intended purpose is often very similar to what it does, but we all know that isn't always the case. :P

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Should we leave this in until T214 is completed?

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Apr 19 2018, 16:34
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Remove the allowance for single-line if statements.

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Presumably lowerCamelCase for local variables too? Can we document that somewhere?

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Can you make it explicit that this applies to both functions and class methods?

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Update based on feedback, and include some additional suggestions

Delete bad examples of comments, fix a function name.

One last clarification on block statements and I think it's good. :)

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These are called "block statements". We can clarify this by saying:

  • Always add braces for block statements (if, for, while, etc.).

Update block statement text

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Apr 23 2018, 22:01
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Why was this removed ? This is good advice and should be adapted. Plus it has nothing to do with style guide so has nothing to do in that diff anyway.






This isn't a formating rule. While this is a good rule, it has nothing to do burried in the middle of formatting rules.