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[mining] Add package accounting functions to CBlockTemplateEntry
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Authored by schancel on Apr 23 2019, 01:17.


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Add a private function to allow for BlockAssembler to properly
account for package information in CBlockTemplateEntry

Depends on D2863

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make check

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Why not just min(CFeeRate(...), CFeeRate(...))?

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A tx with 10000 parent txs all of order 0 will be order 1. This means order seems to be tracking max-depth of its parents rather than an approximation of number of dependencies. Is that right?

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CFeeRate uses division.

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Yeah, it's not the number of dependencies unless it's a linear chain, but in some cases it won't be the number of dependencies even for that. I don't have a better definition of it.

The basic idea is that if sorted by Order the list would be ~ topologically valid. The idea is that transactions of lower order should go in before higher order ones.

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Another word that might describe it appropriately would be Rank

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