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Merge #10530: Fix invalid instantiation and possibly unsafe accesses of array in class base_uint<BITS>

Authored by nakihito on Jul 5 2019, 20:25.



e5c6168 Fix instantiation and array accesses in class base_uint<BITS> (Pavlos Antoniou)

Tree-SHA512: e4d39510d776c5ae8814cd5fb5c5d183cd8da937e339bff95caff68a84492fbec68bf513c5a6267446a564d39093e0c7fc703c645b511caab80f7baf7955b804

Backport of Core PR10530

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nakihito created this revision.Jul 5 2019, 20:25
Owners added a reviewer: Restricted Owners Package.Jul 5 2019, 20:25
Herald added a reviewer: Restricted Project. · View Herald TranscriptJul 5 2019, 20:25
Fabien added inline comments.Jul 5 2019, 21:35

I'd like to suggest std::numeric_limits<uint32_t>::max() as a replacement for (uint32_t)-1, but I wonder if this will be built as a constexpr by the compiler or generate a call at each loop increment ? Ping @deadalnix

markblundeberg added inline comments.Jul 5 2019, 23:40

I looked this up a bit the other day -- apparently Visual Studio in earlier versions didn't have constexpr for ...::max(), but C++11 make constexpr mandatory and I guess Visual Studio has fixed that since.

Fabien requested changes to this revision.Jul 6 2019, 06:39
Fabien added inline comments.

Ah good catch I missed the (until C++11) for the non constexpr version !

I don't think we support the VS compiler, or at least there is no instruction for it, only cross build with MinGw, so I guess it should be safe to use std::numeric_limits. @nakihito can you please update accordingly ?

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Jul 6 2019, 06:39
nakihito updated this revision to Diff 10028.Jul 6 2019, 06:44

Changed (uint32_t)-1 to std::numeric_limits<uint32_t>::max().

Fabien accepted this revision.Jul 6 2019, 06:46
This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Jul 6 2019, 06:46