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Merge #11293: Deduplicate CMerkleBlock construction code, add test coverage
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Authored by nakihito on Jul 17 2019, 20:51.


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46ce223d1 Add tests for CMerkleBlock usage with txids specified (James O'Beirne)
5ab586f90 Consolidate CMerkleBlock constructor into a single method (James O'Beirne)

Pull request description:

What started as a simple task to add test coverage ended up giving way to a light refactoring. This consolidates the mostly-identical `CMerkleBlock` constructors into one (using C++11 constructor delegation) and adds coverage for the by-txids construction case.

### Before


### After


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Backport of Core PR11293

Adjusted to take into account D3371

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This clearly isn't CTOR compliant.

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Clearing this off my queue. See Amaury's comment about CTOR.

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