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[avalanche] Add conflicting proofs to the vote
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Authored by Fabien on Thu, Sep 2, 13:45.


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This puts the conflicting proofs to votes on the avalanche network. It's currently limited to polling for proofs only, and hidden behind a flag to avoid bloating the network until the whole proof voting feature is complete.

Depends on D10026.

Ref T1634.

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./test/functional/ abc_p2p_avalanche_proof_voting

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Fabien requested review of this revision.Thu, Sep 2, 13:45
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There are obvious problems with this. For instance, one can completely disable avalanche by flooding the system with proofs. While it is not expected that all problems are solved right out of the bat, this is somewhat surprising that none of the limitations have been thought through and do not inspire confidence that this is moving in the right direction at all. Documenting known problems in the code, in addition of having the benefice that problems are documented in the code, is the only way a reviewer can asses if the person writing the code is actually moving somewhere sensible with it.


This is computed but not used anywhere.


This seems wasteful to compute all of this when none of it matters when accepted is false.


El famoso

if (condition) return true;
retrun false;

What about that instead?

return condition;

This is a change in the general locking model of the thread manager. Why?


This whole mess this to be a pretty string signal to me that this list belong in the Processor, just like blocks, not in the PeerManager.

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