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Use a modified size for transaction minimum fee calculation.
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Authored by schancel on Oct 12 2018, 21:03.


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Modify BillableSize to just a modified calculation. Additionally,
drop DEFAULT_MIN_RELAY_TX_FEE_PER_KB to 100sat/kb.

Depends on D1801

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make check && ./test/functional/ --extended

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schancel created this revision.Oct 12 2018, 21:03
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Rebase without test here.

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Remove fixes to txmempooll.

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I'm not sure the above calculation is ideal. Let's talk about what we want here. With the fees dropped, this makes a 1 input + 2 output transaction cost 1sat/byte roughly. However, I don't like the linear formula, and the 100% return rate when spending a UTXO.

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Either this comment is reading funny compared to the comments in GetBillableSize() or this should say 179 per output instead of 1790. Can you clarify?

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The comment refers to 179 bytes. Where does the * 10 multiplier come from? I assume it's derived from the 100 sat/kB value, but this calculation should derive from that as well.

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Since spending a UTXO doesn't increase the UTXO set size, we should be safe here. I think the linear formula will work for now and can be optimized as we continue to improve the mempool and other more critical paths.

Incremental improvements :)

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Yeah, sorry the comment was outdated when I dropped the fees to 100 sat/byte, I upped the total size of the UTXO to 1790.

I don't really like this formula at all though. I want to discuss it more.

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It's pressure on the wallet ecosystem everytime this changes.

jasonbcox added inline comments.Oct 25 2018, 21:27
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It should only be pressure on wallets if the minfee increases. Decreases in the acceptable minfee can be adopted by wallets at any time.

This comment was removed by schancel.
schancel updated this revision to Diff 5593.Oct 30 2018, 23:20

Rebase fix conflicts

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