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[Part 1 of 4] [qa] De-globalize port seeding

Authored by deadalnix on Nov 30 2018, 06:34.


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This commit removes the dependency on the global function p2p_port when connecting nodes to each other. This is a first
step in removing PortSeed.n. We accomplish this by attaching the relevant information to the TestNode object and passing that in directly in to connect_nodes and disconnect_nodes.

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schancel added inline comments.
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Move these to where they can get the seed.

43 ↗(On Diff #6194)

Rename as it's not just for rpc

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Store state here in case other functions need it (they will).

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The point of this diff is to remove this guy.

299 ↗(On Diff #6194)

This was simplified so there isn't a need to construct a string to specify the port. The port now needs to be passed in because rpc_port is attached to BitcoinTestFramework

310 ↗(On Diff #6194)

Require the ports to be passed in as we don't have access to a BitcoinTestFramework instance, nor do I think it makes sense to pass one in.

364 ↗(On Diff #6194)

This change could probably be separated out. I made it because I wasn't sure if something had gotten messed up elsewhere with string formatting.

376 ↗(On Diff #6194)

Switch from node_num to node. We store the port there so we can disconnect/connect nodes. An Alternative would be to take a BitcoinTestFramework, or make this a method there. I think this is the best option, but requires a lot of tests to change.

rpcbind_test is using static port. Need to test this on linux and fix it.

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Yes, please separate it out. This diff is big enough as it is.

schancel retitled this revision from [qa] De-globalize port seeding to [Part 1 of 3] [qa] De-globalize port seeding.Nov 30 2018, 21:01

Rebase and fix extraneous changes

schancel retitled this revision from [Part 1 of 3] [qa] De-globalize port seeding to [Part 1 of 4] [qa] De-globalize port seeding.Nov 30 2018, 23:01
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It's very unclear to me why there refactoring about the RPC port happens in the middle of a giant refactoring of connect_node, disconnect_node and connect_bi.

It seems like this whole thing should be 4 diffs.


It does look like this could be de-globalized easily without changing half the tests. The new API is arguably better, but changing that API does nothing for the current diff but make it bigger.

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If you look carefully you will see that connect_nodes does not provide the nodes object, or the node object for the 2nd paramater. Therefor there's no place to fetch the p2p port from. I don't see how this can be fixed without changing the API.

If you don't agree, please give an example of what I could do, because I don't understand how.

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This is superseded by D2247 , D2248 , D2250 and D2251