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Adds Bitwise functionality into interpreter.cpp

Authored by schancel on Feb 15 2018, 00:42.


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Adds flag for enabling monolith opcodes and re-implements OP_AND, OP_OR, and OP_XOR.

Co-authored-by: Joshua Yabut <>
Co-authored-by: Marcos Mayorga <>
Co-authored-by: Daniel Connolly <>

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make check

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reorganize D1090

moved flag from parent diff into this one

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this should not be here, will fix. still getting used to phabricator

remove erroneously included changes to

deadalnix requested changes to this revision.Mar 13 2018, 13:50
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You should have prepared this flag with negative testing. That makes it very clear what new behavior is added to the flag with each diff. It would also ensure that all your diffs do not need to depend on each other, which would ensure you move much faster.

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This is terrible. i original asked for C++11 style loops (so not this) but it turns out that the index is used in multiple container, so that's not even a good idea.

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If this is an error about input length, then an error code specifying so would be more appropriate.

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Other tests do have an infrastructure to generate json tests and then run them. If you are going to go that road, it might as well be useful and generate reusable test cases.

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Use explicit names.

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There is no check for empty elements.

More generally, build a set of element and expected result when you run them. Run through various set of flags (mandatory, standard and nothing seems like good ideas) and check they fail. Do the same with the monolith flag in addition, check they give the expected result. Both way as binary ops are commutative.

Make sure the large vectors are filled with various data combination at the start and end so you exercise cases where possible signed stack items would show up.

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I'm not sure where this test is going. If we want to have a set of test cases, script_tests.json seems like the appropriate place to put them. Obviously, having a custom test would allow to grill thing more exhaustively, so that's a good thing, but this test doesn't do this. We should probably have both.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Mar 13 2018, 13:50

Rename op_code.cpp to op_codes.cpp

Rename op_code.cpp to op_codes.cpp

movrcx marked an inline comment as done.Mar 15 2018, 16:22
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Update Bitwise error message

Fixup: Bitwise error message

movrcx marked an inline comment as done.

Update op_codes.cpp to use SCRIPT_ERR_INVALID_BITWISE_LENGTH

Rename op_code.cpp file to op_codes.cpp

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