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Set Monolith opcode enable script flag if monolith enabled

Authored by deadalnix on Mar 13 2018, 12:14.


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T299: Re-enable Satoshi OpCodes

Sets the SCRIPT_ENABLE_OPCODE_MONOLITH flag if monolith has been enabled

Co-authored-by: Joshua Yabut <>
Co-authored-by: Marcos Mayorga <>
Co-authored-by: Daniel Connolly <>

Test Plan

tested in test/validation_tests.cpp
and functional tests

make check

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rABC Bitcoin ABC
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This actually do not test at all if the feature activates when you expect it to. (also, this break reorg across the activation and will cause nodes to ban each others, which a proper test would have detected).

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Just extend the Bitcoin developers's copyright

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This revision now requires changes to proceed.Mar 14 2018, 10:27
schancel added a comment.EditedMar 15 2018, 18:00

We'll need an RPC test that creates a block with the new opcodes in script. It should have:

  1. Create a block with transactions containing the new opcodes that are valid under new consensus rules.
  2. The activation set at some block
  3. Mine empty blocks up to that block, but no further, submit the block to activate Monolith. It should *FAIL* to be accepted.
  4. Mine a few more empty blocks to actually activate Monolith.
  5. Adjust the previously invalid block so that it would be connected to the new chain tip.
  6. Submit the block, it should *SUCCEED* at being accepted as the new chain tip.

There should be a similar test for the mempool. These tests can be interleaved with the above test to ensure that transactions are being accepted into the node's mempool appropriately as well.

FINALLY, there should be a test that:

  1. Mines some blocks.
  2. Mines a few more blocks with MTPs to activate Monolith.
  3. Submit some transactions to the mempool with the new opcodes that are valid.
  4. Mine blocks with enough work to cause a reorg, but the MTPs should be such that Monolith would now be considered INACTIVE.
  5. Finally, assert that the mempool has been cleared in this situation.

In conclusion, this should have 3 RPC tests:

  1. Check that txs within blocks are not accepted until the hardfork has been activated (and not within the block which would cause it to be activated)
  2. Check that transactions are accepted appropriately in the mempool only after Monolith has been activated.
  3. Check that a reorg shortly after activation clears the mempool of txns with new opcodes. This ensures invalid blocks will not be mined on top.
schancel added inline comments.Mar 15 2018, 21:40
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This can be removed

danconnolly updated this revision to Diff 3215.Mar 15 2018, 23:41

add functional tests, which are failing - flags not set properly when CScriptCheck:operator() in validation.cpp calls VerifyScript()

danconnolly updated this revision to Diff 3244.Mar 16 2018, 19:20
  • fix non-activation of monolith script flag in AcceptToMemoryPoolWorker()
  • chain reorganization fixes
  • banscore test
danconnolly edited the test plan for this revision. (Show Details)Mar 16 2018, 19:30

This diff does not fix T288, the tests work around it.

schancel added inline comments.Mar 17 2018, 04:04
1857 ↗(On Diff #3244)

Rename this to:

GetScriptFlags which uses pindex directly.

Then make two small wrapper functions:

GetMempoolScriptFlags and

they should wrap that with the appropriate index.

198 ↗(On Diff #3215)

nit: This should be config first.

schancel added inline comments.Mar 17 2018, 04:50
975 ↗(On Diff #3244)

why isn't this just scriptVerifyFlags |= currentBlockScriptVerifyFlags

danconnolly planned changes to this revision.Mar 17 2018, 08:20

Just a quick note: I'm not sure that the banscore test is valid. I want to split this diff in two, with the tests defined first to confirm behaviour before the changes.

schancel added inline comments.Mar 18 2018, 02:02
1896 ↗(On Diff #3244)

If we fix the off-by-one this might fail IBD huh?

danconnolly added inline comments.Mar 18 2018, 07:14
1896 ↗(On Diff #3244)

ooh, good point. the issue was with accepting tx into the mempool, it wouldnt start accepting tx into the mempool until one block after the HF. Block acceptance was not affected by the issue. The DAA didnt affect the tx format, only the block format, so it should have no affect. I'm not sure how we can test this properly though, apart from doing a complete sync.

danconnolly updated this revision to Diff 3279.Mar 18 2018, 07:17
danconnolly edited the test plan for this revision. (Show Details)

fix T288 and misc small issues

schancel added inline comments.Mar 18 2018, 07:18
1896 ↗(On Diff #3244)

I'm running complete syncs off master every 6 hours. If we merge it, and it fails we will know.

schancel added inline comments.Mar 18 2018, 22:29
1870 ↗(On Diff #3279)

I'm not sure about the -1's here. It should follow the same rule as mempool vs the other scriptflag fetching. Right?

1875 ↗(On Diff #3279)


1911 ↗(On Diff #3279)

I don't understand why blocktine or height needs to vary differently than the block that was passed in. Can you provide the rationale?

My understanding is:

  1. If you are validating TXNs in the mempool use chaintip.
  2. If you are validating a block, use previous block information.

If these are the rules, then nothing else should vary differently. This changes some behavior for old blocks, but the activation blocks should never have been able to be created with transactions that would fail such a rule above. So, we should try it and run an IBD. (It is okay to change the historic behavior as long as it won't invalidate the existing blocks)

If this is true, the blocktime parameter should go away.

schancel added inline comments.Mar 19 2018, 05:01
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Comment is wrong?

schancel added inline comments.Mar 19 2018, 09:28
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Can we drop the branch and just use:

scriptVerifyFlags |= currentBlockScriptVerifyFlags

Would this change behavior?

deadalnix requested changes to this revision.Mar 22 2018, 01:24

This diff is not up to date with numerous changes done in master.

964 ↗(On Diff #3279)

there is no reason that this would use a different function than the one connecting blocks.

1856 ↗(On Diff #3279)

This is very much outside the scope of this diff. it is very risky, and overall not very much tested.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Mar 22 2018, 01:24
danconnolly added inline comments.Mar 25 2018, 00:31
1911 ↗(On Diff #3279)

There are several questions here about the fix to T288, but rather than address them directly, I think that we should split the fix to T288 out into its own diff, starting with a full set of unit tests for the (current) GetBlockScriptFlags() function, followed by the change to fix T288. The tests should include all "transition points" where the script flags will change and a test which demonstrates the bug. The problem with this approach is that it will take time.

schancel added inline comments.Mar 27 2018, 08:17
1911 ↗(On Diff #3279)

That sounds like a solid idea to me.

movrcx added a subscriber: movrcx.Mar 29 2018, 02:00
movrcx added inline comments.
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Not sure what I'm supposed to do here... 🤔

975 ↗(On Diff #3279)

Works fine. This change will be submitted in the next diff.

user@debian:~/code/bitcoin-abc$ test/functional/
Temporary test directory at /tmp/bitcoin_test_runner_20180328_185347
........ passed, Duration: 4 s

TEST                | STATUS    | DURATION | ✓ Passed  | 4 s

ALL                 | ✓ Passed  | 4 s (accumulated) 
Runtime: 4 s

user@debian:~/code/bitcoin-abc$ src/test/test_bitcoin
Running 294 test cases...

*** No errors detected
movrcx updated this revision to Diff 3334.Mar 29 2018, 19:14

Major code rebase

movrcx added inline comments.Mar 29 2018, 19:26
1555 ↗(On Diff #3334)

The comment for this branch isn't matching up with the current ban score so it'll need to be changed. What's the intended ban score?

movrcx added inline comments.Mar 29 2018, 19:30
1555 ↗(On Diff #3334)

Actually nevermind.. I think this impacts mostly ConnectBlock() as the p2p transaction relay tests are running appropriately.

movrcx updated this revision to Diff 3345.Mar 30 2018, 21:56

Rebased to fresh master.

movrcx updated this revision to Diff 3346.Mar 30 2018, 22:00

Remove whitespace nits.

movrcx added a comment.Mar 30 2018, 22:07
user@debian:~/code/bitcoin-abc$ test/functional/ 
ALL                              | ✓ Passed  | 480 s (accumulated) 
Runtime: 127 s
user@debian:~/code/bitcoin-abc$ src/test/test_bitcoin
Running 285 test cases...

*** No errors detected
movrcx updated this revision to Diff 3347.Mar 30 2018, 22:18

Update comment in

deadalnix requested changes to this revision.Mar 31 2018, 11:41
deadalnix added inline comments.

This test doesn't test much, in addition it'll break in may.


Make flags constant.


I don't think this is checking what you think it checks. That also means this is not tested, so there are missing test cases.


You are modifying flags here. This is a big no.




This file do not follow naming convention. You are not testing the opcodes.


I had no idea core devs worked on this in 2015.


Where is the code doing this ?

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Mar 31 2018, 11:41
deadalnix commandeered this revision.Mar 31 2018, 20:25
deadalnix edited reviewers, added: danconnolly; removed: deadalnix.
deadalnix abandoned this revision.Mar 31 2018, 20:27

Superseeded by D1231 .

This contains an off by one error for the activation, did not clean the mempool properly, and various other bugs, which in turn show that the tests are inadequate.