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Backport Core PR11970: Add test coverage for bitcoin-cli multiwallet calls
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commit b7450cdbd89a1c862f4d4d8bf093f8a0b5448f9c
Merge: 0910cbe4e a14dbff39
Author: MarcoFalke <>
Date: Fri Jan 12 17:24:36 2018 -0500

Merge #11970: Add test coverage for bitcoin-cli multiwallet calls

a14dbff39e Allow to be used with --usecli (Russell Yanofsky)
f6ade9ce1a [tests] allow tests to be run with --usecli (John Newbery)
ff9a363ff7 TestNodeCLI batch emulation (Russell Yanofsky)
ca9085afc5 Prevent TestNodeCLI.args mixups (Russell Yanofsky)
fcfb952bca Improve TestNodeCLI output parsing (Russell Yanofsky)

Pull request description:

  Lack of test coverage was pointed out by @jnewbery in

Tree-SHA512: 5f10e31abad11a5edab0da4e2515e39547adb6ab9e55e50427ab2eb7ec9a43d6b896b579b15863e5edc9beee7d8bf1c84d9dabd247be0760a1b9ae39e1e8ee02