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Clean up past upgrades
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Goals are to simplify code, improve test coverage, and clean up tech debt.

Subcomponents of the task are:

  • Add flags to their appropriate categories, such as mandatory flags, or standard flags.
  • Add CHECKDATASIG to standard flags.
  • Add DER to mandatory flags.
  • DER seems to be eclipsed by STRICTENC, can probably be removed?
  • Add SIGPUSHONLY to mandatory flags.
  • Add CLEANSTACK to mandatory flags.
  • Delete the STANDARD+CDS group of flags as CDS should be standard.
  • Convert activation tests to feature tests.
  • Change logic of SCRIPT_ALLOW_SEGWIT_RECOVERY flag from "permissive" to "restrictive" (SCRIPT_DISALLOW_SEGWIT_RECOVERY).
  • Remove or simplify Segwit Recovery activation.
  • Add "SCRIPT_DISALLOW_SEGWIT_RECOVERY" to standard flags.
  • Remove Schnorr activation, make it "always on". Remove SCRIPT_ENABLE_SCHNORR flag.
  • Remove GreatWall activation.

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